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The Penguins of Madagascar Season 2 Episode 3

While the penguins are visiting with him in his sewer home, Roger, their alligator friend, states that he hates having to live there, but that he loves being in New York so much that he is willing to endure it. The penguins soon decide to help Roger find a better place to live in the city. They first hide Roger inside a log in a nearby pond, but a lady sees him and screams. They try hiding him as a display in a museum next, but Roger blows his cover by becoming “alive” when a boy pokes him. Following this, the penguins try to hide Roger on a rooftop as a gargoyle, but Roger, afraid of heights, soon falls into a public pool below. Throughout all this, the attempts to relocate Roger make TV news headlines, in a segment called “Gator Watch.” While trying next to evade humans, Roger unwittingly enters onto a stage via a building’s backdoor and is soon captured by animal control. The penguins then set off after the van transporting Roger to break him out, but they fail to do so before the vehicle arrives at its destination: a well-suited habitat at the Central Park Zoo.

Episode Title: Gator Watch

Air Date: 2010-05-15